_Waxing Kara : Honey Products

* Waxing Kara : Honey Products //

Chesterhaven Beach / Maryland  _United States

* P A T R O N : Waxing Kara  * L O C A T I O N : Chesterhaven Beach Kent Island ( MD )  * C O M M I S S I O N : logo / packaging system *** _“In awe of nature, I wax the encaustic possibilities in sculpture, collage, monotypes & painting while graciously tending the apiary on our farm, Chesterhaven Beach, harvesting honey and creating natural inspired products. I hope you’ll enjoy the expansive energy of bees, sun & surf in every thoughtfully produced Waxing Kara product.” _ Kara Brook * waxingkara.com ***

* propped photos : Kara Brook

“Eric is a dream. A true artist-designer. Detail-oriented, thorough and comfortable enough with himself and the design process to lead the way. If you are a “Maker” there is no other graphic designer with the breadth and depth of experience specifically in package design that will do a better job. He is worth the investment.”

_ Kara Brook / Owner :: WAXING KARA

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