_Vigilant Eats : Superfood

* Vigilant Eats : Superfood //

Bloomington / Indiana  _United States

* Revised version of the packaging as the brand has become more widely distributed and the product range extended //


* P A T R O N : Vigilant Eats  * L O C A T I O N : Bloomington ( IN )  * C O M M I S S I O N : logo / packaging // _Vigilant Eats new brand developed by Doug Siegel. the first product is an all-natural, organic, non-genetically modified superfood. “Vigilant Eats is fueling the food revolution with the highest quality organic foods available. Our commitment is to you, our fellow food conscious citizens, who rightfully demand foods of superior nutritional integrity.” The brand/package design is simple, clean and powerful relating to the healthy, pure ingredients and cause oriented stance of the company. The design was inspired by military ready-to-eat foods, since this is an on-the-go product with enclosed spoon, specifically a couple of large metal canisters containing Survival Biscuits ( crackers ) that I have from a 1963 government fall out shelter.

A great product without fabulous branding is dead in the water. Eric has gone far beyond what I could have dreamed. His ability to breathe life into a simple product and company name is the best I’ve seen. Our collaboration has produced a package design awarded by “Dieline” and a package noticeable enough to be named the #1 gluten free “cleanest packaged food” by Prevention Magazine for 2013. He asks the right questions and gets to the heart of it. What happens from there is simply miraculous.

_ Doug Siegel / CEO :: VIGILANT EATS

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