_Society of Salvage


Indianapolis / Indiana  _United States


* P A T R O N : Society of Salvage  * L O C A T I O N : Indianapolis ( IN )  * C O M M I S S I O N : logo / business card / postcard / signage / tags / labels / apparel //  _Feeling beautifully weathered from decades of use the S.O.S. identity represents the mystical moment when we find a vintage object which unlocks something emotionally inside us. That magical personal feeling when we see then touch something rare and special. There is a sense of being in the club, a secret club, united by discovery. Society of Salvage is where that discovery occurs whether in the warehouse or on the web. The red alerts while the gold shimmers with distinction. The typography simple but imperfect and slightly askew with character. Icons relate the sensual pleasures and flags proudly signify victory. There is also local pride inspired by the many extraordinary war memorials in Indianapolis with similar historically mystic themes. ***

"Eric intuitively gets me: my love for office equipment from the Mad Men era, the medical oddities and chemistry curiosities that cause people to stop and smile, and the ephemera of a bygone era when typography was set on letterpress or handwritten with the flourish of the fountain pen. Eric created the perfect brand for Society of Salvage, one that hints of like-minded people with a love for quirky, old and mysterious. All of the visuals from the logo, T-shirts and signage to postcards, business cards and soon to be website – reinforce the brand. Did I mention stamps? Eric's designs are made to rubberstamp on luggage style sales tags, creating instant ephemera. He's honed the visual identity of Society of Salvage. One look, and our customers know they are in a unique space filled with interesting and well used things. And it's going to be fun."


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