_Funnel Paper Goods : Gift Paper

* Funnel Paper Goods : Gift Paper //

Indianapolis / Indiana  _United States

* line of premium gift paper designed, branded and written by Eric Kass. – sold out ***

// Give until it feels good. Original printed patterns inspired by thoughts of ancient, vinyl-padded, patio furniture, well-worn, flannel pjs and musty books. Created from fond memories and intended to dress-up the events of our lives. Good for blizzards, weddings, spring-flings, cocktails, anniversary toasts and lemonades by the shore. // _Thoughts count. The simple pleasure of ink on paper. That distinctive aroma and familiar texture tickling your finger tips. The material connection between the feelings in your heart and the smile on their face. Dress your earnest efforts, well wishes and romantic longings in paper goods designed to elate. //

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