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* Films by Francesco : Cinematography //

New York / New York  _United States

* P A T R O N : Films by Francesco  * L O C A T I O N : New York ( NY ) Palm Beach ( FL )  * C O M M I S S I O N : logo / calling card / packaging / site / blog / film titles // site // blog _black engraving on a custom uncoated dvd package with photos by francesco printed in rich four-color process black & white and a bright spot color – includes an 8.5 x 11 sheet of labels for packaging various promotions and a 3 color silk-screened dvd – the chipboard mailer is letterpress printed in metallic gold – custom designed wordpress blog site ***

The brand identity and package for Films by Francesco was designed to emphasize their attention to detail, love of craft and unique perspective to a sophisticated audience. Films by Francesco creates beautifully shot and produced films including wedding stories, birth documentaries and life narratives that capture the events of our lives from a unique, honest perspective documenting them to be shared with generations to come.

“Eric carefully crafted a new logo, brand and marketing package for our boutique cinematography company. I quickly realized while staring down at the new face of my business before me, that every scrib and squiggle had a purpose, every element was carefully crafted, subdued with meaning, and every part worked harmoniously within the whole. Eric’s designs far exceeded my expectations, and our new logo and brand have elevated our business to the next level.”

_ Francesco Spiezia / Owner :: FILMS BY FRANCESCO

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