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* Couplets : Instagram Photos Postcard Print Set //


* 12 poetic pairings shot with iPhone 4 across the Midwest in 2012 by Eric Kass – offset litho satin laminated 4 x 6 postcards printed by my friends at 4by6.com – write on them with a Sharpie® to use as postcards or they make splendid framed prints – view all my photos at funnel_erickass instagram // _P U R C H A S E > > > funnel paper goods shop //

* 1949 LIFE magazine featuring Jackson Pollock //

* my good friend darryl brown gifted me this vintage Life magazine a few years ago which features the article “Jackson Pollock. Is he the greatest living painter in the United States?” that helped launch him simultaneously into popular culture and perhaps personal downfall at the age of thirty seven – i’ve also included some interesting editorial and advertising content from the same issue for context – “When I’m in my painting,” says Pollack, “I’m not aware of what I’m doing.” // 

* 1934 Book of American Types ( Standard Faces ) : American Type Founders //


* recently found a 1934 edition of “book of american types ( standard faces ) : american type founders” in a used bookstore – from the preface : “during the last decade there has been a period of experimental effort in typography the influence of which at times has carried us a long way from the traditional past. older rigid notions of classifications limiting a type face to certain definite kinds of use have been largely discarded. script types that once were confined to stationery and society printing are now appearing even in newspaper advertisements in daring association with bold-face letters.” 

* 1958 Lettering ( A Guide for Teachers ) by John W. Cataldo //


* recently discovered “lettering ( a guide for teachers )” from 1958 in a used bookstore along with a couple other type books – from the foreword : “because basic letter forms are more-or-less fixed by precedent and tradition, one could rationalize that there is little opportunity in lettering for aesthetic expression and personal interpretation. yet, a study of the work of our best calligraphers and type designers gives us ample evidence that there is considerable area of prerogative where the artist may leave the stamp of his own personality and purpose” _d. k. winebrenner // 

* 1964 Typographic Directions designed by Herb Lubalin //

* recently found the book “typographic directions / advertising directions 4 : ( trends in visual advertising )” from 1964 in a used bookstore along with a couple other type books i’ll post soon – from the introduction : “the only book of its kind ever published…devoted entirely to advertising typography — its past, present and future explored by 30 outstanding authorities” //