_Tailored Twig : Event Design //

_ Tailored Twig : Event Design //

Palm Beach / Florida  _United States

* P A T R O N : Tailored Twig  * L O C A T I O N : Palm Beach ( FL )  * C O M M I S S I O N : logo / offset litho + letterpress + engraved stationery, packaging system and signage – featuring their dog Winthrop // *** 

“Whether it be for the identity of a person, product line or business, branding at its best is a detailed, nuanced narrative. Eric Kass, the brand development guru of FUNNEL, leads the industry. Based in Indianapolis, Eric represents the mid-western work ethic admirably. He deftly told our compelling story with a brand and logo that will last us our lifetime. Well worth the price of admission!”

_ Darin Bahl / Owner :: TAILORED TWIG