//// F U N N E L : Eric Kass // eric@funnel.tv //

_ R A N T : * let’s be honest. i’m a commercial artist. commercial because i get paid. commercial because i strive to create meaningful connections between sellers and buyers. artist because i chisel, scrawl, sculpt, paint, compute and craft work that is inspired, emotional and expressive. i immerse myself in the details. i have a knack for what i do. i just can’t help myself. i live what
i do. i love what i do. i’ll never retire //
_ E D U C A T I O N : * somewhere i have a university diploma, for fine art and design, that sparked this life-long practice/obsession that has included 20+ years of hands-on art + design / marketing experience crafting hard-working brands for a wide range of patrons around the globe //
_ I N F L U E N C E S : * everything from musty printed ephemera, structured yet improvisational
mid-century jazz, the emotional punch of jackson pollack, melancholic wit of charles schulz, wildly inspiring philosophies of andy warhol, unashamedly naive typography usually found in back alleys or abandoned lots, trivia inducing documentaries, scandalous biographies, often astoundingly accurate astrology to the serene spirituality of ancient eastern thought especially wabi-sabi; the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete //
_ E N V I R O N M E N T : * an open and inquisitive void, the air thick with music, where shelves buckle with books, fresh artwork narrows the halls, coffee brews by the bucket, laughter echoes into tears and conversations build into rambling proclamations of love for all things authentic, ridiculous and contradictory //
_ P H I L O S O P H Y : * collaborate with wonderful patrons merging ( fine art ) : emotional, unconscious, found with ( design ) : intellectual, conscious, formulated to tickle the collective conscious with genuine, carefully crafted, individual narratives inspired by extremely
personal meandering memories, desperate dreams and passionate doings with intent to invite,
excite and ignite //
_ P R O C E S S : * soak in everything that is you from ancestry to childhood hijinks to cultural tastes and career yearnings // * whittle away everything editing to the bone uncovering your terrifically personal inspirational story // * react spontaneously in a flurry of informed creation revealing . . .
_ P R O X I M I T Y : * available to anyone anywhere utilizing extremely personal processes, philosophies and practices that work near or far //
_ P I T C H : * specializing in highly-unique, lovingly-crafted, tailored-to-fit brand stories that capture your essence & define your dreams – sculpting the intricate details while keeping thoughts on the big picture and how it all adds up to one powerful pulpit to present your position – you’re special, a one-of-a-kind, & i can help make sure everyone knows it with always intriguing & never forgettable print/digital communications – work to be cherished & coveted for years to come //

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